Occupation: Visual Artist


Where are you from: I was born and raised in Montreal. I lived in NYC and Los Angeles. Now splitting my time between Palm Springs and Canada.


Where did you study? I have a BFA degree from (SVA) School of Visual Arts, New York City and Concordia University in Montreal. A minor in marketing Mc Gill University, Montreal and a certificate in e-marketing from UCLA. A certificate in Multimedia Business and Productions from The American Film Institute, Los Angeles, CA.

I studied digital imaging in NYC and the Center for Creative Imaging, the first school to offer digital imaging program. The Kodak school was located in Candem Maine.


What were your jobs after you graduated college?Worked on TV series, TV commercials ( Amtrak, Heineken, M&M..) and featured films. I worked with renowned TV commercial directors in NYC ( Neil Tardio Productions, Rick Levine Productions, Landeck Ramsey Golden Productions. and National Film Board of Canada.

Founder of D.Company Prêt à Porter. A fashion business, importing clothing from France and Italy. Designing and producing shirts, boxer shorts and loungewear.

Principal of ID Image Digital / FL Design. Design studio, digital imaging services and large format printing.

In the 90's, I moved to Los Angeles. Worked as aninterface designer, designing DVD's, gaming, websites, online promos, Cd's and Dvd's covers  for the movie studios, Sony Pictures,Warner Brothers, MGM, Film Line, Disney interactive.  I worked as a designer, creative director, marketing and e-commerce as a producer and business development. Clients; Yahoo, Getty Museum, Mattel, Skechers...

Has a kid where you interested in art? Yes around 7th grades, my brother and myself started a business making and selling candles. I started to paint, making movies and was learning photography on my own. My dad gave me his 35mm camera. I built my own darkroom at home and would spend hours developing films and printing my own photographs. 

When did you become interested in a career as a visual artist ? At the end of high school. 

How did you make the transition from commercial art to fine art?

After working in the entertainment industry many years. In 2016 I made the transition to start working on my own personal art projects. Selling at art fairs, pop up stores, Saatchi Art and my website

Tell me about your art?  I combine photography, digital imaging and photo composites in photoshop. I paint with acrylic paint, oil sticks, graphite, inks, image transfer, collage, textiles... I create original artwork and fine art photography. I paint on fine art paper and canvas. I transform the digital into tangible. I construct and deconstruct until it feels good to me.

How do you unwind? Watch movies, listen to music, cook, hangout with my friends, do nothing, think.

Favorite 60’s rock star? The Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Beach Boys, the Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Supremes, Grace Slick, Grateful Dead, Moody Blues, CSNY, The 60’ the Best. Peace + Love.

What else should we know about you? I speak French fluently, Keith Haring was in my class at SVA. I started to work on photoshop version 2.0. I once taught snow skiing in Canada and water skiing and sailing in Vermont.

Likes; Poodles, architect A. Quincy Jones, California, spinning class, tennis, skiing, design, architecture, champagne, farm to table, drive my car in Hollywood Hills, the LA and desert lifestyle, my partner, my friends and my family.

Dislikes; Bad wine, plastic bags, pasta that isn’t al dente, smoking and cold weather.

What is next? I will continue creating art. Learning marketing and digital medias...  Exploring. Researching. Imagination at work. You will find Fine art photography, mixed media art and paintings online. You can acquire my art on my website, and Saatchi Art. I work with interior designers and the film and TV industry.


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